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(added 9/17/08)
Mature Ass and Pussy Lick
I love licking this matures ass and pussy. In the future I will get some close ups of this fine womans pussy lips as they are spread open like perfect wings. Her ass tastes just as good.
Aryse Ass Grind
This is perhaps the smallest ass to have graced my cock for a slippery shaft grind. It was tough to keep from blowing my load but I had other uses for it in another clip.
(added 9/15/08)
BBW Cock Grinding w/ Caitlyn Brook
My cock got a little treat when Caitlyn BBW decided to grind my shaft with her ass. Close ups and panned shots for a great clip. Time 6:30
(added 7/13/08)
BBW Face Sitting w/ Caitlyn Brook
Caitlyn Brook sits on my face and forces me to suck on her pussy lips through her full backs before she peels them off to soak my face with her bare ass and cunt juices. Almost 7 minutes of suffocating pussy and ass tongue job for this BBW to get off on. Time- 6:55
(added 7/13/08)
Alhana Cock Grind POV
My wife Alhana grinds my cock with her wet pussy, which in turn gives me a raging stiffy. Great POV shot of what I would like to see her do to other guys. If it happens, you will be the first to see it here. Time- 4:46
(added 7/12/08)
Alhana Rubs and Grinds
My wife decides to give me what all the other woman love to do. Tease and grind her wet pussy on my bare cock. What a fucking tease and you know what? It rocked about has hard as she did on my staff. This clip comes as a request to see some side action and I would love to hear your ideas. Time- 4:45
(added 7/12/08)